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After deciding to purchase a product, you will have to click on the shopping cart next to it. The shopping cart will appear on your screen informing you of the title, ISBN and price of the chosen product. You can then change the number of pieces you wish to purchase by typing the desired quantity and clicking on the UPDATE button. After that, click on BUY and follow the instructions for new or old customers.
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Irida editions offer their clients the following ways of payments:

1. Payment by credit card (VISA, ELECTRON, MAESTRO, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS) the cost of the product(s) plus the cost of delivery by courier.
This choice is only for deliveries in the city of Athens.
The charge of the courier is 5 euros for parcels up to 2 kilos and 2 euros for every extra kilo.

2. Payment by credit card (VISA, ELECTRON, MAESTRO, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS) only the cost of the product(s).

3. Door to door delivery by post or courier, cash payment charged to the client.

4. Door to door delivery by courier or post, cash payment charged to the client.

5. Direct bank transfer to our bank. Please contact us for more information.

Please, do contact us, if you have an alternative suggestion.




Purchased products will be delivered door to door to the specific address by 2 different ways:

1. By courier company, if you have chosen so, the sooner possible.

2. By ELTA COMPANY, if you have chosen so, according to the company’s delivery times.

Force majeure: if, for causes outside our control (e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes etc) it is impossible for us to deliver the products on time, we will notify you by e-mail, in order for you to inform us if you still require your order to be completed under these circumstances.


The price of each product includes VAT.




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