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The influential work is the authoritative presentation of Daniel J. Siegel’s approach to interpersonal neurobiology, which has informed and inspired clinicians, educators, and students for more than two decades. Synthesizing research from multiple disciplines, Siegel provides a cutting-edge understanding of what the mind is, how it grows, and how to promote healthy development and resilience. Revised and expanded to reflect major advances in the field, the third edition revisits and refines core hypotheses, incorporates over 1,000 new citations, and features new topics as well as a chapter on the experience of belonging and the development of identity.


Illustrated with vivid examples from clinical practice and everyday life, and inviting readers to explore and develop their own minds, the book traces the interplay of close relationships and neural processes in infancy and beyond. It reveals how early attachment difficulties can result in challenges to memory, self-organization, and emotion regulation. Implications for adult states of mind, emotional competence, coping, and mental health are considered. Of crucial importance for those whose early experiences were not optimal, Siegel emphasizes that the mind continues to develop throughout the lifespan. He explores how cultivating deeper connections to other people and to one’s own internal experience can foster the integration of inner and interpersonal processes that is at the heart of wellbeing and resilience. The third edition provides new or expanded discussions of behavioral epigenetics, the default mode network of the brain, social neuroscience, cultural and gender issues, theory of mind, the Wheel of Awareness contemplative practice, the science of consciousness, and more.


Readers in multiple disciplines – including clinical and developmental psychology, neuroscience, psychiatry, social work, counseling, parenting, and education – will find this book invaluable. Professors praise this classic for its utility in courses from developmental psychology and child development to neuroscience and counseling.

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