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David Bass, M. Med (Surg) (UCT) FSA (SA) is a surgeon whose interest in paediatrics, injury prevention and emergency medicine led to his appointment as head of the Paediatric Trauma Unit at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town in 1987, and that of director of the Child Accident Prevention Foundation Of South Africa in 1992. He is a certified instructor in Advanced Trauma Life Support as well as Advanced Paediatric Life Support. He has written widely on a variety of medical topics, including children’s injuries and injury prevention.

In a publishing career that spans more than 30 years, Rod Baker has written and edited a number of books and contributed articles to many publications. In this book he shares his wealth of practical safety guidelines, home maintenance advice, tips and emergency routines that will enable readers to become security conscious, and help to prevent accidents from happening in and around the home.

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